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Just a cleaning company? Nope. We break expectations of how small businesses operate. At Cobalt Clean, making lasting change is important to us. That’s why we decided to give back by donating to Children International, a global organization focused on ending generational poverty by empowering youth. Each individually sponsored child is one more life changed. We are more than just a small business. We seek to make meaningful and lasting impact to those that need it most.
Global Philanthropy; Daraga, Laufer Community Center, Youth Resource Center facilities and in use

How does Cobalt Clean help?

Our company was founded on the means of doing things better. Not just in cleaning or in business, but in the world. Through Children International, monthly donations allow us to sponsor individual children. Each sponsorship enables access to medical care, educational support, life skills, and job training. 

Why Children International?

CharityWatch Approved

CharityWatch is an independent charity watchdog that grades charities based on actual impact. They expose non-profits that abuse donations, allowing you to see precisely how your donation is used. Click to see Children International's report.

CharityWatch Grade: A-

Children International is a top rated nonprofit that creates real change.

Meets legal standards

The nonprofit has been found to meet both governance and transparency benchmarks.

Stated Mission

Connects people around the world in the fight to end poverty; working together, invests in the lives of children & youth, building the healthy environments they need to thrive, and empowering them to create lasting change in their own lives & communities.

Sponsor updates

We receive photos, letters, and updates on each children we sponsor. We are also able to learn about them and their community, as well as write back with letters and cards of our own.

Want to make an impact too?

We are here to bring awareness and hopefully get visitors to sponsor or donate as well. If this is a cause you believe in too, make a donation or sponsor a child here.