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Recurring House Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

What is Recurring Cleaning?

Recurring cleaning is a great option to best maintain a home. Whether you do weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly cleaning with us, by regularly servicing your home you are preventing difficult messes from piling up. If you want to be proactive with how your home looks and feels, book a recurring clean today.


Benefits of our Recurring Cleaning Service

Preserve the quality of your furniture, countertops, appliances, and interiors by booking a recurring cleaning. Even monthly bookings significantly help prevent build-up such as mold, hard water stains, food stains, and heavy dust from accumulating. These can all start to wear down the surfaces of your home – chrome fixtures, granite countertops, tile showers, wooden trim, wood floors, etc.


We save you time from having to do everything yourself – make worrying about your home being messy a thing of the past. We clean, you spend less time worrying and more time relaxing with your family. After all, time is money!


Reduce allergies – our standard cleaning service uses HEPA-rated equipment in its extensive cleaning procedure. Having recurring cleaning done encourages the removal of dust and other allergens that build up over time. This significantly improves indoor air quality and help alleviate some allergic symptoms.

I only do monthly cleans but that is enough for me to ensure everything is clean when I get home. I no longer have to fret about the house being messy or dusty!
Sharon W.
Previous client