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Cobalt Clean Las Vegas was formed with you, the customer, in mind. We have been rated the best house cleaning service in Las Vegas on multiple occasions. Our accolades include being rated the Best Commercial Cleaners in Las Vegas by in 2021, as well as being highly rated by Thumbtack, Bark, and Best of Houzz Service in 2020, 2021, and 2022.



We service clients in the Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson, Aliante, North Las Vegas, Enterprise, Paradise, and other surrounding areas.

Retail, Commercial, & Office Cleaning Services

If you have a retail or office space, you know that it needs to be maintained in order to keep your employees and clients happy. After all, a clean workplace results in less clutter and less stress. Additionally, an organized office could mean more creativity, productivity, and happiness for your team. But just about anyone can throw on some latex gloves, roll out the vacuum cleaner, and wipe down some windows. Why should someone pay money out of pocket for a service they can easily perform themselves?


Hiring a commercial cleaning service for your Las Vegas office or retail space can be a daunting task. With so many options on the market, it can be challenging to select the one that works best with your cleaning goals and your budget. After your cleaning service has been selected, packages and pricing must be negotiated, then of course you can’t forget to schedule and agree on a recurring time and day. Making these arrangements on the go—or even from the comfort of your less-than-spotless commercial space—can be overwhelming. Maybe you’ve even started shopping around, then realized an hour into your search that you still have not settled on a specific cleaning service, or a provider. This is hard, you think to yourself, possibly eyeing your friend’s shady cousin’s handwritten business card. Maybe I’ll just have the employees clean up. After all, how hard can it be?


Here are 7 reasons for business owners considering hiring a commercial cleaning service for their Las Vegas office:

Why you should hire a commercial cleaning company

  1. Licensure

All commercial cleaning businesses in Nevada are required to be licensed by the state. If you are scoping out a cleaning service or person that cannot produce evidence of a business license issued by the State of Nevada, then beware: You are not dealing with a legitimate business. Genuine cleaning professionals will operate under a licensed business—they are not contractors. Contracting an unlicensed cleaning service could lead to arbitrary price increases, unpermitted sharing of your personal information, and inconsistent communication as well as scheduling conflicts—all before they even get to your warehouse, retail space, or office (if they come at all). Additionally, hiring an office cleaning company or person without a valid license could lead to poor service, theft, and unreliability. 


2. Bonded & Insured

Cobalt Clean is a licensed, bonded, and insured commercial cleaning company in Las Vegas. A company that is bonded and insured has taken precautions to ensure that they and their customers are covered in the case of an accident.


Commercial cleaning services carry insurance in case there is an accident during their service—protecting clients from legal action if cleaning technicians suffer an unavoidable injury. Most commercial cleaners will also be bonded, meaning that the company has made additional investments to be able to reimburse their client in case something is broken, or there is some kind of problem with the service (cleaner didn’t show up, job was not completed, etc.)


3. Cleaning supplies

A mop without the right suds is just a wet broom. Industry chemists have produced specialized cleaning compounds for just about any surface that can be identified in a home or office. However, some solutions are toxic to the environment; others have been known to achieve a legendary shine, but make small children and pets sick; and using the incorrect product on a surface just once could leave you with splintering wood or burnished linoleum. And of course, like any chemicals, cleaning supplies should always be properly stored when not in use.


Our commercial cleaning technicians are experienced professionals who know the right amount of the right type of chemical to use in the right situation. Some cleaning services charge clients for cleaning supplies. Some don’t even have their own products and request to use yours. Other cleaning services will use more general, less specialized supplies like HEPA vacuum filters and vinegar-based cleaning solutions.


For our part, Cobalt Clean only uses eco-friendly cleaning supplies. This eliminates the need to find space for cleaning supplies, as well as the risk of spilled—or worse yet—lost chemicals. You are also welcome to show us your own products to use for cleaning your office!

4. Easy communication

Commercial cleaning services vary in the size of teams they will send out to accomplish a job, but every service should provide you, the client, with at least one point of contact. This is the person to whom you relay any special instructions, concerns, or questions. Hiring a legitimate commercial cleaning service carries the additional security of a name and a face with whom you can communicate openly, so whether this is your first cleaning or your hundredth, there are no hoops to jump through when seeking answers about your service.


Cobalt Clean prides itself in ease-of-communication between client and company. We make it easy to modify appointments, reschedule, cancel, or add notes to your next retail space cleaning. 


5. Top-rated commercial clean

We are a top-ranked office cleaning company for a reason. Our trained professionals are background-checked and thoroughly vetted to ensure that we always send a great cleaning tech for your office. Rest assured that each time we visit your commercial office, we will leave with it organized, sanitized, and shining! 


6. Hands-off experience

No one needs to scroll to the bottom of an online list to be reminded that sometimes it’s just nice to have someone else do it. Anyone can research, order, use, and store the right supplies to clean their space; anyone can climb stepladders and get down on hand and knee to scrub baseboards and light fixtures; anyone can clean. But if everyone wanted to clean, there would be no commercial cleaning services to speak of—and if anyone wanted to clean, there certainly would not be so many.


There is something to be said about the quiet peace of putting your phone on Do Not Disturb and kicking back on the sofa while a team of professionals works around you, organizing your space and removing weeks or months of dust and grime while you relax. There is a specialness about being able to work in a clean space, and not having to do the work. Anyone can clean… but some jobs are just better left to the professionals. 


Commercial cleaning services operate in every corner of the Las Vegas valley, for every kind of cleaning imaginable. At Cobalt Clean, we are proud to offer the valley’s #1-rated office cleaning service at competitive rates. Click here to view our services and get a quote, or even book your appointment online today!

Excellent team of office cleaners. They cleaned my retail store at Fashion Show when we first opened, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. Moving was already a hassle, but hiring a highly rated commercial cleaning company was a great decision. Cobalt came through, the lady was kind and hard-working, and the job was done on time.
Roger D.
Las Vegas, NV