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Frequently Asked Questions


Booking is made surprisingly easy, thanks to our online estimator and multiple forms of communication. If you have any questions about booking, feel free to submit a contact form, send us an email, or call/text us.



Contact form: email us

Email address:

Call/text: (702) 518-5312

It is our policy to charge cards on file only after service is complete. However, for our protection and to send our staff out, we must keep a card on file at the time of booking and place a hold on it prior to service. The hold will take place the night before or the morning of the appointment. The hold is not an actual charge, but is used to ensure funds are available for service. The card is then charged after service is rendered.


Please note: debit cards may show the hold as a charge. This is just a hold until after service is completed, and then the card is charged.

Cancellations, reschedules, or changes to your booking are welcomed up to 24 hours before service is scheduled to begin. This allows us ample time to prepare for your booking and finalize everything before we head out.



However, because we hold your spot and never overbook slots, we do charge a $50.00 cancellation or rescheduling fee if changes are made less than 24 hours prior to appointment time.



Cancellations, reschedules, and changes can be made by email, call/text, or online through our client portal.

Rescheduling your appointment is free of charge up until 24 hours prior to scheduled service. If you must reschedule, please notify us as soon as possible to avoid a $50.00 rescheduling fee.

Billing, property information, and payment methods can all be updated online within seconds. Our client portal allows you to make changes to your booking, appointment date/time, add gratuity, or add notes. 


Please note that any changes to your appointment must be confirmed by our staff. 

We use email and text confirmations to remind you of your scheduled service date and time with us. Please check your email address for confirmation and reminders from “Cobalt Clean Las Vegas”.


If you have not received an email confirmation within 15 minutes of creating your booking, please contact us to confirm. 

Arrival windows are the time frames that we are scheduled to arrive at your property. We use arrival windows to ensure timely and satisfactory service. Many factors determine when we will be able to arrive, such as traffic, additional time needed for previous appointments, employee breaks, or supply replenishing.



If we need more time or are experiencing delays which affect our arrival time, we will call/text you to let you know. 

We ask you how often you clean your home to get a better gauge of what we should expect upon arrival. This does not change your price, but allows us to understand your home better before we arrive! So please give us an accurate description and pick the option that most fits your property:



  • Cleaned rarely (greater than 1 year)
  • Cleaned occasionally (at least every 6 months)
  • Cleaned often (at least every month)

Our online estimating tool makes it simple for you to input your total bedroom/bathroom count and condition of property. You can pick the type of service that best fits your home. 


If you would like only a portion of your home cleaned, we recommend hourly service. This allows you to reserve a set period of time with our crew. We will always do a walk-through with you to best understand your priorities for your time. 


Our cleaning checklists details the difference between each of our service types. We recommend your first appointment be a Deep Clean or Premium Clean services, depending on the condition of the home, so every time after becomes a maintenance clean. 



Click here to view our cleaning service checklist for Premium, Deep, Move In/Out, Vacation Rental, and Commercial cleans.

Many of our clients do choose to leave a key, key code, key cards for us to access the priority. This is often for recurring clients we’ve already serviced, or for vacation rental homes (Airbnb, VRBO, etc). 


If you’d like to leave us a key or key code for entrance, please do so in the “Additional Notes” section, or contact us as soon as possible. Clear instructions must be provided to prevent disruption of service.

Unfortunately, no. We do our best to provide the absolute best service and pay our awesome staff, while maintaining competitive prices. We use the details you provide us of your property (sq ft, bed/bath count, condition, frequency of cleans) to estimate duration and price.


We do provide discounts for senior and military clients. 

No, most of our clients are not home when our cleaners are present.


 Of course, it is up to you to be present in your home upon arrival, leave mid-way through service, or leave us instructions to access your property to clean. We have many clients that have their own preferences for our entrance. 



Please kindly leave detailed instructions for easy entry and exit from your property. We are not responsible for properties left unlocked. 

Yes! If you will not be at your property at the time of service, it is perfectly fine to leave your pet(s) at home. However, aggressive or unfriendly pets should not be present in the property. 



We are not responsible for pet dander/hair left on furniture from wandering pets after we’ve cleaned. 

We provide our own set of supplies and equipment. We also provide the option of non-toxic plant-based cleaning products only for those with allergies or sensitivities to certain chemicals, for an additional charge.



If you have your own cleaning supplies, please mention at the time of booking. 


We are not responsible if the clean must take additional time due to use of different equipment. We are also not responsible for replenishing or repairing supplies lent to us for cleaning.

Yes! We have a set of non-toxic plant-based products for an additional charge for those who have allergies and/or sensitivities to certain chemicals. These products are eco-friendly and contain some natural fragrance derived from essential oils. 


Your home may require non-toxic or harsher chemicals to get the job done and for a clean to our standards. Please let us know if you have allergies and/or sensitivities upon booking. 

Some properties require more time than what was booked for. Usually this includes but is not limited to:

  • Property size larger than described
  • Property condition dirtier than described
  • Many knickknacks, furniture, etc to be cleaned
  • Pet dander/hair not mentioned


If your property requires additional time and work, we will first notify you of any differences in condition or size after arrival. We’ll remind you the scheduled duration of service and how much longer we would need to clean the property as requested. We then present you with two options based on your preference:

  1. Clean up to our initial duration estimate (eg. 4.5 hours) and use your instructions to clean priority areas first
  2. Add additional hours to service duration and price. Discounted hourly rate is provided for additional time. Based on our availability only. 

 Rarely, and without intention, there may be accidental breakage something. If this happens, please contact us immediately or within 48 hours of service completion to work with our insurance to get the object of value replaced. 

We offer a satisfaction guarantee policy to our clients! If you aren’t satisfied with your clean, or if an area was missed within 48 hours of service completion, please contact us and we will send our crew back. 

An additional booking must be made if we are unable to finish in time. In most cases, this is because the property requires more time than what was booked for due to condition and/or size of the property. 

Our Team

Poaching or other attempts to hire our staff outside of Cobalt Clean are strictly prohibited and not tolerated. We work extremely hard to screen, background check, vet, train, and manage our staff. Additionally, we pay very well compared to other cleaning companies. We treat our staff with care and love, and we work hard to make their employment an enjoyable experience. Time and money resources are consumed to bring you a safe and efficient service.

Because of this, any and all attempts of soliciting/poaching our staff will be noted and service will be canceled without possibility of refund. In addition, we may reject any future bookings with you. There are no exceptions.

Yes, they can! Just let our staff know you’d like to request the same cleaner for your next appointment. 

Please note that our cleaner’s availability may be limited. If there is a conflict in schedule, we may send another cleaner. All of our cleaners are trained and vetted to the same standard to ensure the same quality no matter who we send out! 

Yes! All of our cleaners are background checked, trained and vetted to the same amazing standard! 

Yes! Our company is licensed to operate in Nevada, bonded and insured. 

Hours of Operation

Monday to Saturday:  9am – 5pm

Sunday: Closed


Office Hours

Monday to Friday:  9am – 5pm

Saturday: 9am-1pm

Sunday: Closed

Yes! Gratuity is appreciated and 100% go towards our cleaners. Tipping is completely optional and up to your discretion on how much you’d like to leave.