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  • Recurring Maid Services

    In order to stay hygienic and look its best, a home needs to be given a regular cleaning every week or every other week. This includes all of the everyday housekeeping tasks such as mopping, vacuuming, dusting, decluttering, and so on. By outsourcing these weekly or bi-weekly chores to us, you’ll reclaim your valuable free time without making any compromises on the cleanliness of your home.

    Our recurring maid services follow our Standard Checklist.

    Recommended for: smaller properties, light cleans, most affordable option

  • Deluxe (Deep) Cleaning

    Enhance your cleaning experience with our comprehensive deluxe cleaning package. Our expert team will diligently clean all appliances inside and out, meticulously tend to the interior and exterior of windows and tracks, and eliminate dirt, dust, and buildup. Whether you have a special occasion approaching or simply want to revitalize your living space, rest assured that every corner of your home will be meticulously addressed, leaving it pristine, refreshed, and effortlessly maintainable for months ahead.

    This service uses our Deluxe Clean Checklist.

    Recommended for: most homes with low-high loads, those looking for premium-quality cleans, or those preparing for/cleaning up home gatherings, peace-of-mind cleaning

  • Move In/Out Cleaning

    Moving out of an old home and to a new one is never easy. By entrusting our dedicated team with your move-in/move-out cleaning, you can relinquish the worry of mundane chores and focus on what truly holds significance. Preserve your valuable energy and enthusiasm for planning your relocation and getting used to your new neighborhood, and let us worry about the chores. Rest assured, our commitment lies in exceeding your expectations and facilitating a seamless transition.

    These services use our Move-out/-in Checklist.

    Recommended for: empty homes that need a deep clean

  • Vacation Rental (Airbnb) Cleaning

    As the owner of an Airbnb, Vrbo, or other type of vacation rental property, you know that your guests will never compromise on cleanliness and hygiene. After all, nobody wants to pay to sleep in a place that looks like it hasn’t been tidied up in awhile. Our vacation rental cleaning service is designed to ensure your property receives the professional-grade cleanings it needs to stay safe and inviting all year long. This greatly enhances its appeal to your guests, helps it garner positive online ratings, and increases the likelihood of repeat bookings.

    This service utilizes our Vacation Rental Checklist.

    Recommended for: Short term/vacation rentals.

  • Post-Renovation Cleaning

    Once the construction work has wrapped up, it’s highly likely that your property will require an extensive post-construction cleaning before it can be fully utilized and safe for its occupants. This becomes particularly crucial if anyone in your family suffers from asthma, allergies, or other skin and respiratory health issues. The significance of professional post-renovation cleaning after a remodeling or construction project cannot be overemphasized. Not only is the accumulation of debris and dust a potential health hazard, but it is also notoriously hard to thoroughly eliminate.

    Our post-reno cleanings follow our Deluxe Clean Checklist.

    Recommended for: newly renovated or built properties.

  • Commercial Cleaning

    Maintaining fresh, tidy, and hygienic premises is essential in order to meet the relevant health and safety regulations, create a fresh and welcoming work environment, and leave a positive impression on prospective clients, investors, and employees. This is where our commercial cleaning service comes in. By entrusting this task to our experienced team, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your workplace is being cleaned to the highest standards on a regular basis.

    This service uses our Commercial Checklist.

    Recommended for: office spaces, schools, restaurants, and other commercial buildings.

Best House Cleaning Service In Las Vegas, NV

Recurring House Cleaning

Recurring Cleaning

Say goodbye to chores by booking our weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service and outsourcing all that mopping and scrubbing to our reliable and well-trained team.

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Deep Cleaning

If your home needs a little extra love or you want to prepare it for a big party or important guests, this extra-detailed package will definitely do the trick!

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Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning

Get your new home ready for your loved ones, and make sure your previous home is ready for new tenants by booking our thorough move-in/out cleaning service.

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Vacation Rental Cleaning

Regular vacation rental cleanings are essential in order to ensure the safety and happiness of your guests and get those 5-star ratings you want and deserve.

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Commercial Cleaning

Protect your staff safe and leave a positive impression on clients, investors, and prospective employees by keeping your premises immaculate at all times.

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Post-Construction Cleaning

Even small renovations create a lot of dangerous construction dust. Ensure your and your family's safety by booking a detailed post-construction cleaning.

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