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Deep Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, NV

Cobalt Clean has consistently been rated as the best cleaning company in Las Vegas, for any and every type of residential cleaning. We have received accolades every year in service from, Thumbtack, Houzz, and Bark, and for good reason.


If you live in Las Vegas, Summerlin, Henderson or surrounding areas, you are going to want to check us out for all of your cleaning needs, especially our deep cleaning services.

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How we became the best in the business:

Our Service Tiers:

Our goal is to guarantee your satisfaction. Our team considers each of your concerns, needs and constraints. We want to make you smile and be happy you booked us.


  • We screen every professional cleaner we employ. From detailed background checks to a continuous evaluation of their performance – we do it all. We pride ourselves on sending you the best people, completely vetted and capable.
  • Our eco friendliness is known in this industry. We can pick up 99% of the dust in any space we clean with HEPA-friendly vacuum cleaners. We use green and eco-friendly cleaners, never anything that is harmful or toxic.
  • Your time and money are both valuable. Our online booking system will let you book your preferred cleaning option literally within seconds. We also offer different packages in certain cases to help your wallet, if necessary, or other preferences in terms of the number of professionals you would like to visit your home.

We are a local company, deeply invested in the community. Your happiness is our goal. If we do not deliver, we will hear from you – so our focus is to ensure that negative reviews don’t happen.

We get called for any and all situations, including recurring regular cleanings, more extensive cleanings, and ultimately our deep cleanings.


On the Services page of our website, you will find specific information about our three tiers of services, namely:

  • Standard Clean
  • Premium Clean
  • Deep Clean

While Premium Clean has historically been one of our most used services, we are seeing a large spike in customers now asking for our deep clean package, especially in the current situation with health crises striking our daily lives from every side.

Our Deep Clean service is best suited for any and every situation where your home, apartment or other area which has not been cleaned for a couple of months.

Benefits of our Deep Cleaning Service

Our standard cleaning is already some of the most extensive cleaning service in all of Las Vegas, NV. With our deep clean option, clients get every add-on included, contributing to even more peace of mind and time saved. Our experts are rigorously trained in residential deep cleaning, rinsing and repeating until every corner of the house is free from dirt and filth. From the bottoms of your blinds to the inside of your cabinets, our professional cleaners know how to make your house shine, inside and out.


Spend even less time completing a re-do of your home after hiring a cleaning company. With our standard cleaning service, you get the highest quality house cleaning. But with our deep cleaning service, you get that plus the inside of your cabinets, microwave, oven, refrigerator, and much more. A deeper clean for a fresher home feel.


This service is perfect for hosting or cleaning up special occasions, having guests over, or just to get some spring cleaning done! Super-clean your home today!

What our Deep Clean Covers

Our deep clean service builds on our premium service. We extend the service to include every nook and cranny of your house, ultimately leaving you with a fresher-feeling home.


The Deep Clean Service begins with everything that is covered under our Premium Service, where we send two professionals to thoroughly clean your residence. This is meant to cover homes that have a low-high load, but may be preparing for occasions such as a large get together.


With our Deep Clean tier of service, we will go several steps beyond. We will clean every important area in our home or apartment where there is a possible build up of deep-seated dust, grime and harmful material. For example:


  • Our kitchen cleaning focus would be on oven, microwave, pantry and refrigerator interiors – not only will we clean, we can even help organize the contents!
  • Bathroom cabinets, floors, bathtubs and toilets will be scrubbed and disinfected.
  • Every cabinet and cupboard you point out will be cleaned and organized.
  • Window sills, edges, door jambs etc. will all be thoroughly cleaned – we pay particular attention to sliding doors.
  • We will hand clean every accessible wall within your residence.

As part of the service, we will even do one load of laundry for you (upon request). We aim to deliver absolute peace of mind and satisfaction.


~ For more on our deep clean checklist, please click the link ~

Their deep clean for my condo was absolutely worth it. I wanted to pay a little extra to make sure I got every corner and the insides of my kitchen. They did a wonderful job and their staff was friendly as usual!
Francis K.
Previous client