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Deep Cleaning Services in Las Vegas, NV

What is Deep Cleaning?

Even a frequently cleaned home can benefit greatly from a professional deep clean. Usually, there are many places around the house that require special attention and are typically overlooked. This often results in an accumulation of dust, grease, and other build-up around the home, especially if not paid attention to. Our Deep Clean service aims to get your home serviced with our most extensive cleaning option.

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Benefits of our Deep Cleaning Service

Our standard cleaning is already some of the most extensive cleaning service in all of Las Vegas, NV. With our deep clean option, clients get every add-on included, contributing to even more peace of mind and time saved. Our experts are rigorously trained in residential deep cleaning, rinsing and repeating until every corner of the house is free from dirt and filth. From the bottoms of your blinds to the inside of your cabinets, our professional cleaners know how to make your house shine, inside and out.


Spend even less time completing a re-do of your home after hiring a cleaning company. With our standard cleaning service, you get the highest quality house cleaning. But with our deep cleaning service, you get that plus the inside of your cabinets, microwave, oven, refrigerator, and much more. A deeper clean for a fresher home feel.


This service is perfect for hosting or cleaning up special occasions, having guests over, or just to get some spring cleaning done! Super-clean your home today!

What you get

Affordable recurring home cleaning

Inside and out

up to 2 loads of Laundry

Premium fresh cleans every time

Deeper house Cleaning and sanitation

Licensed home cleaning company




Their deep clean service was absolutely worth it. I wanted to pay a little extra to make sure I got every corner and the insides of my kitchen. They did a wonderful job and their staff was friendly as usual!
Francis K.
Previous client