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After the remodeling job is done, your property in Las Vegas will almost certainly need post-construction cleaning before it’s ready for use. This becomes even more necessary if anyone in your family has asthma, allergies, or other skin and respiratory health concerns. We cannot stress enough how important professional spiffing-up is after the renovation or building project is done. Not only is the dust and debris hazardous to your health, but it is also quite difficult to completely remove.

When it comes to taking care of the dirt and debris at the building site, it takes a specific set of equipment and skills to get a post-construction cleaning done efficiently. It can take a full two days or more of intensive labor just to do it yourself. Building and repair work generate plenty of airborne dust particles that can settle throughout the home and cause problems for days and weeks.

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Our team for post-construction cleaning in Las Vegas knows how to make your home healthy from top to bottom, so you won’t have to worry about airborne particles lingering for months on end. Not only do we use industry-grade equipment, but we also have some of the most effective methods to get every inch of your home shiny. It is our mission to make sure your property looks its absolute best after renovations are complete. We are characterized by:

  • HEPA-friendly equipment and eco-friendly products
  • Transparent, fair, and honest pricing (no hidden extras)
  • Extensively vetted and hand-picked team of pros
  • Customer-centric way of doing things
  • Fully insured, bonded, and licensed operation
  • Effortless online and phone booking

Let us transform a messy experience into a glossy one

We use only premium HEPA-rated vacuum cleaners to ensure dirt, dust, and other particles are extracted from your floors and carpets. Our experts are trained to pay attention to detail in other areas of the house, condo, or apartment, including all bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, hallways, and stairs.

With our post-construction cleaning team, you won’t have to worry about lesser-known areas where dust and debris tend to linger. Every appliance, counter, and cabinet in your kitchen in Las Vegas will be touched up and ready for you and your family.

Each property we service gets a thorough dusting as well as a surface cleaning of all:

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Windows, sills, and doors
  • Baseboards
  • Light fixtures, outlets, switches
  • Air vents and exhaust fans

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Take a look at our treasured customers’ feedback

“Heidi from Cobalt Clean did an amazing job in helping us clean our home. The areas we told her to focus on were spotless and well organized. Communicating with Cobalt Clean is easy. They helped us tailor our services to what we need at a price that’s perfect for us.“
Genessa Espina
“Love this cleaning service. Cobalt provides a great value with their services and price point. I love their flex program that offers a discount with recurring services. Their customer service is excellent because of the prompt replies and ability to adapt whenever we need additional cleaning services.“
Ashley Justice
“This is my second time using Cobalt Clean, I was just exhausted this week and didn't have it in me to clean my house this weekend. I decided to give Cobalt Clean a call.... I was given an extremely amazing deal and two of the loveliest ladies came to my rescue and tidied up my home for me. My house looks amazing and I can't thank Heidi and Amelia enough for all their hard work and great conversation!!“
Jolene Novak
“Heidi with Cobalt Clean is excellent and always does a great job! The house looks fantastic when she is finished. It’s convenient that they bring their equipment and cleaning supplies. I would recommend Cobalt Clean and especially Heidi to anyone in Las Vegas!“
Andrew Bennett
“I hired them for a moving clean and was getting needy because a few other cleaning services wouldn't even take my call let alone schedule me! Cobalt was easy and had a few slots to pick from. They came right on time, the customer support team stayed in constant communication with me, and just did an awesome job. Can't thank and recommend them enough especially for move in cleans.“
Jess Barlow
“Cobalt Clean has far exceeded my expectations. I am a realtor and provided them a house to perform a move in clean for one of my clients. They were easy with scheduling and the ladies did a rockstar job. Will book for my other houses.“
Jacob Arthurs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a post construction cleaner?

    Building and renovation contractors usually don’t bother with the mess they’ve left behind. This is where professionals who specialize in post-construction cleaning in Las Vegas come in. Read More +

    Their job description includes taking care of the chaos that is left once different teams of contractors have left the worksite. Project sites are filled with materials and items that you won’t want in your home so they have to be handled by specialists who have the necessary equipment and skillset to pull off the job safely and efficiently.

  • What is post renovation cleaning?

    Tidying up after renovation falls under post-construction cleaning. Depending on the type and extent of the renovation process, there is bound to be some dirt and debris left that needs to be taken care of before you start settling into your revamped home. Read More +

    Some of the leftovers can be quite damaging to your health so it’s strongly advised that you hire experts to ensure that no dust or debris remains.

  • Does construction dust stay in one room?

    Fine dust particles that are left on the worksite in Las Vegas usually start to settle once the job is done. Read More +

    However, because of their size, structure, and physical properties, they are easily disturbed and moved by air conditioning, draughts, and wind. If not cleaned properly, post-construction dust usually doesn’t stay in one place for too long but tends to get scattered throughout the indoor space.

  • Can construction dust make you sick?

    Prolonged exposure to these types of particles can cause serious respiratory issues, lung damage, and many other long-term medical conditions. Read More +

    Respirable crystalline silica dust is one of the biggest causes of health problems on building sites since it easily gets airborne. Breathing in these fine dust particles may lead to silicosis, which is a serious and disabling condition that may result in a harmful outcome. An extensive post-construction cleaning is key to ensure your Las Vegas property is free of these harmful particulates.

  • Who should I turn to when I need professional post-construction cleaning in Las Vegas, NV?

    Whether you’re building the house from the ground up or renovating just a portion of your home, we’ll send our experienced specialists that are equipped with cutting-edge equipment and versed in all types of post-construction cleaning. We’re your leading choice if you need: Read More +

    Scale the heights and enjoy the views at The Strat or pay a visit to the Neon Museum while our technicians are decluttering and spiffing up your property to ensure that you return to a safe, healthy, and comfortable living environment.