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Move-In And Move-Out Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

Moving? Let our certified experts handle the cleaning so you don’t have to!


We understand the moving process is stressful enough, let alone having to clean your old or new home. That’s why we have set up our move-in/move-out cleaning service to be the easiest experience possible. Just let Cobalt Clean professionals do the hard work for you so you can take care of more important business. 

All of our cleaning services are customizable as we understand not each move is the same. Pricing is easy; it is based on property size as well as the type of moving clean that you may need. Whether you need the full move out cleaning package or just need to touch up certain areas (think ovens or cabinets!) we have you absolutely covered. 


We offer free estimates for you so there are never any surprises about the bill. If we need more time or the moving clean needs additional work, we will let you know ahead of time! Our experts are trained to get the job done right so you’re happy when you move in to your new home or your landlord is happy that the property is clean and ready for their next tenants!

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New-home Cleaning Services

We love when clients call us for their new home, apartment, or condo. It is exciting for everyone involved! However, it can also be a decent amount of work if not managed properly. There is nothing quite like doing a walk-through of a home, only to purchase it and find it considerably dirtier than expected. You should not have to move in to a place like that! 

Luckily, Cobalt Clean has some of the best new home cleaning service Las Vegas has to offer. We train our team to clean, sanitize, and leave your new place ready to move in. Nothing beats the feeling of having a sparkling clean new place to move into!

Our cleaning service for new homes include:

  • Cleaning of the interiors of drawers/cabinets upon request
  • Sanitation and cleaning of all sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets, and countertops
  • Cleaning of the interiors of microwaves, ovens, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances
  • Sweeping, mopping, and/or vacuuming all floors with our HEPA-rated vacuum cleaners
  • Spot clean of doors, door handles, baseboards, and walls
  • Dusting of all surfaces including window frames, sliding door frames, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and air conditioning vents

We want you to be excited to move into your new property. It is a grand time, but only if it is properly cleaned before you do move into it! Call Cobalt Clean today to schedule your clean for your new home at (702) 518-5312!

Move Out Cleaning Service

If you’re moving out, you may be required to hire a professional cleaning company to perform a move out clean as part of your lease or sale agreement. This is a critical factor in protecting your security deposit in the case of a rental property, or moving on with the property sale if you owned the home. If you want that done correctly without any issues, Cobalt Clean is on your side.

With our professional move out cleaning service, you can breathe a sigh of relief that:

  • Our team arrives according to schedule and our work is done in an efficient manner
  • The job is done completely and worry-free
  • Your move-out goes smoothly with the satisfaction of the landlord or property inspector
  • We will use only environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and industry-grade equipment
  • Our cleaners are fully trained and insured

When clients call us for both pre- and post-move cleaning, we got it done with no frills.  Call Cobalt Clean today to help with your move-out experience.

Move-Out or Move-In Cleaning F.A.Q.

How much does a moving clean cost? 


We understand the need to price and budget everything out to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible. The last thing that you need on your list is an unknown number for a service you may have forgot about needing to do. 


Move in and move out cleaning prices depend on various factors. Most importantly is going to be the size of your home or apartment namely how many bedrooms or bathrooms it has. Another factor is the status of the home, which is something we request in detail when we provide you your free estimate. Lastly, location can play a big role in the price of a house cleaning, so make sure to get a proper quote from a local cleaning service like ours.


Cobalt Clean always gives free and easy estimates so you can understand the true cost of your move in/out clean. 


What is my landlord looking for when I move out?


If you’re wondering how clean your place needs to be when you move out, the answer is that your home, apartment, or condo needs to be in near-spotless shape when the inspector or new tenants come to check it out. The wording may differ in rental, lease, or sale agreements but the short answer is that your place needs to look great in order for you to get your security deposit back. Even if that’s not the case, it is often considered common courtesy to make sure your property looks presentable especially if you are the one displaying it to your buyers.


Our move in and move out cleaning service extensively covers this aspect. We understand what your landlord or buyers are looking for, and that is a clean place ready for others to move in after you.


Whether your property management has their own move out cleaning checklist or you want us to use our own, we have your back. Your property will be clean, fresh, and ready to go.


What’s included in a move out clean?


The typical move out clean includes an top-to-bottom cleaning of the property. We service all bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living areas, and hallways as well as take care of the floors and baseboards. 


In some cases a deep cleaning is required, such as for the insides of cabinets/drawers, ovens, microwaves, and refrigerators. This is upon request and will be discussed in your free estimate. 


Because of the thorough- and complete-ness of your clean, we typically reserve the entire day just for your appointment. This helps us cover all areas and make sure that both you and your landlord are happy. Time estimates are always given in your booking confirmation so you know exactly how long it may take for us to perform your moving clean. 


Do I need a move out cleaning checklist?


Oftentimes, your landlord or property management may give you a complete cleaning checklist for your move out. This is valuable information for us as it helps our team fully understand special requests that need to be done. If you are provided a cleaning checklist, please forward it to us prior to your house cleaning.


Of course this only applies if you are actually provided one by whoever is requiring the move out clean. If not, then we will use our standard move out clean checklist to ensure your property get the service it deserves.

Cobalt Clean helped me move in to my new apartment just in time for me to start living there. My landlord unfortunately did not bother to clean the place prior to my move so unfortunately I had to get it done myself. Cobalt Clean was a life saver. Their team did an excellent job and I felt fresh with excitement in my place!
Chelsea P.
Previous client for a new apartment cleaning