We strictly and solely provide house cleaning services. We do not provide restoration services or other out of scope requests. These requests will be politely declined in order to ensure the top safety and efficiency of our staff:

We do not clean outdoor areas. This includes exterior windows, porches, balconies, driveways, exterior walls, exterior ground surfaces, garages or roofs.

We do not clean animal or human waste/feces. This poses a significant hazardous risk to our staff. This is out of service and if present upon arrival, we reserve the right to cancel the appointment.

We do not carry or transport client trash. If your trash bins are not immediately accessible by our staff, your trash bags will be placed near the front door or gate after service is complete. Only our equipment goes back in our vehicle after service for your safety.

We do not clean or remove permanent stains. Our cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained to scrub, treat, and remove dirt effectively. However, if we cannot reasonably remove a stain, we consider it permanent and un-removable, and we will move on to different areas of the home. Refunds or re-cleans will not be provided for areas containing permanent stains or damage.