How much does house cleaning cost?

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Las Vegas House Cleaning Prices

If you have ever wondered about pricing for house cleaning services, look no further. We explain in greater detail what you can expect your next house service to cost you. 

Outsourcing household cleaning does not only take the stress off your day and save you tons of time while doing so, but it even considerably increases your quality of life. According to Ashley V. Whillans et al., there is a significant bump in happiness when you trade money for time. And it makes complete sense: you can always make more money but you cannot magically make time. So if you have the means and can afford a good house cleaning company, it is so much better for your health to prioritize time over money by way of hiring a professional to do your household chores for you.

That is where house cleaning comes in. Now, having someone service your home is only one of many ways you can save some time. Suprisingly, it does not cost as much as one would think. There are misconceptions of the pricing of house cleaning services. Namely, people think that hiring a cleaning person is like employing them. That is not the case; you aren’t hiring someone full time to keep your home clean (although no one is stopping you). Cleaning your home is as simple as getting one appointment per month and maintaining the cleanliness of your property from there. It should not have to cost you thousands just to keep your house, apartment, or condo clean.

The cost of house cleaning does vary on a few factors, however. For example, where you live definitely matters so you are going to want to contact a local cleaning company, not someone based 20 miles from where you live. Likewise, whether or not the company is licensed and insured to do the job you need them to do is going to matter. 

The following are some tips on how much to budget for cleaning services. 

What affects my house cleaning price?

Most house cleaning companies in Las Vegas charge anywhere between $40-60 per hour. That largely depends on how well-rated they are, how busy they are, how far they are from your location, etc. Cobalt Clean for reference has their hourly service listed in the booking page, where you can find out exactly how much your house cleaning is going to cost. This is perfect for those not wanting to get a quote over the phone!

1) Location, location, location!

Heads up, this doesn’t just apply to buying houses! Location matters and since house cleaners have to spend money to get to your property, that is going to matter significantly on how much your move out cleaning, apartment cleaning, etc. is going to cost.

In general, the more the cleaning technician has to drive/spend time to get to your property, the costlier it is going to get. A word of advice: find a cleaning company that is based in Central Las Vegas so that no matter where you are, you always have someone local! 

2) How big your home is

This directly correlates to how much house cleaning is going to cost you. If you’re looking for Las Vegas-based maid services, you know that the variety in this town is crazy when it comes to house size. There are rennovated properties, some that are only 1 bed/1 bath, and some that are absolutely huge. 

Depending on the size of your home, your price for house cleaning is going to go up or down. We definitely recommend giving us a call to get a free estimate: (702) 518-5312

3) Mess level

While Cobalt Clean operates on flat-rate house cleaning prices, if the mess level of your house is significantly greater or lesser than what we typically deal with, your price is going to change. Some houses are absolutely filthy while others are going to just need a touch up. Most cleaning companies, including Cobalt Clean, will adjust your rate if you simply tell them the truth about how clean (or unclean!) your home really is. 

4) The type of cleaning required

Lastly, the type of cleaning required for your home, apartment, or condo is going to affect pricing. See our list of services below to find out how much maid service in Las Vegas is going to cost you.

  • Standard clean: This is the perfect service for 90% of residents based in Las Vegas. This one costs the least and is a great affordable house cleaning option if you just need the basics such as your bedrooms, bathrooms, living areas, kitchens, and hallways. 
  • Deep clean: If your house has gone through construction, repairs, or just has not been cleaned in a while, you are going to want to go for a deep clean. This service offers the most thorough clean and helps get your property in tip-top shape from top to bottom. 
  • Move in and move out clean: This service is slightly different from deep cleans although the services performed are largely the same. Essentially, if you are looking to get your security deposit back or want to fully comply and do your due diligence when it comes to sales agreements, you need to have a move in/move out clean done by Cobalt Clean. Here you will get a full service, where your property receives a thorough clean top to bottom to ensure it is ready for the next family to move into. Or we can get it sparkling clean so it’s ready for you to move into!

All of these factors play a role in the cost of Las Vegas house cleaning. It is important to understand that getting the best price for maids is not the end-all be-all. Oftentimes the cheaper services miss out on a lot of details, something you want to keep an eye out for.

If you need instant quotes for house cleaning prices, definitely give our Book Now page a try (link at the top). More likely though, you will need to get a free estimate over the phone, where a specialized expert can give you a rough estimate as to how much that house cleaning is going to cost. We need to discuss all of the above, such as how far are you or how large and messy your home is before our cleaning technician arrives.

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