While there is no substitute for an experienced touch when it comes to residential cleaning in Las Vegas, sometimes we just have to do the job ourselves. Maybe we’ve forgotten to schedule a visit from reliable house cleaning professionals or we’ve canceled our reservation too late to make a new one. Being able to spruce up your home when the need calls for it is an important skill in the arsenal of every successful homeowner.

However, there is a catch. Even with our best intentions and an honest effort, mistakes can creep in and turn routine assignments into a drawn-out, time-consuming ordeal that can, at best a massive waste of our energy, and at worst, do more harm than good. To avoid making these beginner mistakes, check out our list that will make your house cleaning routine cleaner, safer, and much more efficient. 

What are the don’ts of residential housekeeping?

At first, house cleaning might seem straightforward, but details matter and could make or break your house cleaning routine. Take a look at common mistakes you should avoid to ensure that your home isn’t just clean on the surface but is genuinely dirt and bacteria-free. 

1. Using too much product

More doesn’t always mean better. Overusing cleaning products can leave behind residue, which not only attracts dirt but can also be hard to remove. Always follow the recommended amounts and adjust according to your needs.

2. Forgetting to clean the tools

Your mop, broom, and vacuum all collect dirt and bacteria. If you don’t clean these tools regularly, you’re likely just spreading grime around. Make it a habit to wash and disinfect them after each use.

3. Ignoring the top-down rule

Always start cleaning from the top of a room and work your way down. This ensures that any dust or debris that falls won’t re-contaminate areas you’ve already cleaned.

4. Cleaning everything with the same cloth

Cross-contamination is a real issue. Using the same cloth for the bathroom and kitchen, for instance, can spread harmful bacteria. Dedicate separate cloths for different tasks or areas.

5. Forgetting to read the labels

All cleaning products are not created equal. Failing to read and follow instructions can lead to damage, especially on delicate surfaces, or even potential chemical reactions.

6. Paying no attention to “Dry clean only” labels

Throwing items labeled “dry clean only” into the washing machine can permanently damage them. Always check labels on curtains, upholstery, and clothing to ensure they receive the care they require.

7. Scrubbing stains too aggressively

While it’s tempting to scrub away a stubborn stain, doing so can push the stain deeper into the material or damage the surface. Instead, dab gently and work from the outside of the stain inwards.

8. Putting too much stuff into the washing machine

It might seem efficient to fit as much as possible into one load, but overloading can reduce the cleaning efficiency and put strain on your machine. Clothes need space to move around to get effectively cleaned.

9. Using vinegar or lemon the wrong way

Natural cleaners like vinegar and lemon are acidic and can etch surfaces like granite, marble, and limestone. Instead, use a neutral pH cleaner for these surfaces.

10. Forgetting to change the vacuum filters

A dirty HEPA filter can reduce a vacuum’s suction power and reintroduce dust into the air. Check and replace or clean filters regularly to maintain your vacuum’s efficiency.

Where can I find a reliable company that excels in residential cleaning in Las Vegas, NV?

What are the don'ts of residential housekeeping

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Whether you want to learn how you can speed up your house cleaning, or get some pointers on which cleaning products everyone should have and which housekeeping supplies you should steer clear of, don’t hesitate to turn to our professionals for answers. 

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